Below are just a few of the positive results we have witnessed throughout the years.


ATM Advertising has been printing ATM receipt ads for over 20 years. 

Case Study 1

Gradual Redemptions

Our Client tested our program with newspaper inserts in Greenville, South Carolina.


See the dramatic difference between the ATM program and typical FSI drop.

ATM Advertising/Gradual Redemption

200,000 Receipt Impressions

The cost of the program is $3,200

5,382 coupons are redeemed (2.7%)

$.59 cost per redemption

Newspaper Free Standing Insert/Mass Drop

180,000 Inserts

The cost is $8,900 (insert + distribution)

3,564 coupons are redeemed (1.98%)

$2.49 cost per redemption






Case Study 2

Impulse Opportunity

A major office supply store implemented our ATM receipt program. 

New customer purchases accounted for a majority of sales.


Case Study 3

Real Results & ROI

A major retail store implemented our ATM receipt program. 

The offer was for Free Shipping on orders of $75 or more. Here are the results:

We have many more results documenting previous successes in many segments: fast foods, packaged goods, clothing, sporting goods, beauty and wellness, electronics, you name it.


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